Wednesday, June 15, 2011

$42 OFF Coupon for Portable Air Conditioner

If summer heat is disturbing you? You are not able to work properly then here is a solution, I'm giving you $42off coupon for portable air conditioner. Portable Air Conditioners are best if your room is very big. As the name suggests portable air conditioner is very portable and can be carried any where very easily and are very efficient. Most of the Portable Air conditioners comes with dehumidifier and thus protects your house from getting mold by maintaining the humidity level in air.
This Air conditioner is not made from lead and mercury and so is very earth friendly. This Air Conditioner is presented by Air N Water a very reputed Air Conditioner Retailer.

Coupon Codes: PENNYAC
Offer: $42 off the NewAir AC-12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Expiry Date: 6/19/2011
 This Coupon Code is presented by Pennyful so that you can shop your Money's Worth. Pennyful provides 2.25% Cash Back for any purchase from Air N Water.

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