Monday, June 6, 2011

I switched over from ugly backpack to this one.

I recently bought a new laptop for my work. I loved it in just first glance. Everything was fine until I saw the back pack. The backpack is in dull black and grey color. It's nice and has very good cushions for my shoulders but I like to carry more colorful bags. I always believed a good hand bag showcase personality and as I most of the carry so I don't prefer carrying hand bag. So I want a laptop bag that can carry my computer and also looks smart. I love colors and as it is summer so it becomes obligatory for me to be colorful. I searched internet for colorful and  smart laptops bag and I found many. I was surprised to see that so many good bags are there. Some are of pure leather and are costly and some are of nylon and are much economical.

I wanted one which has padded case for my laptop and enough space to carry some of my documents  and at reasonable price. While surfing internet I stumbled to site This site has all types of bags from handbags to luggage bags. They even have summer sale going on which can save $20 and plus free shipping.
 This store is also available at and so I save 9.75% cash back on my purchase.

This one is my choice for this summer so what is yours?

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