Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to prevent Bed Bugs getting into your Luggage and Mattresses?

Few days back I got a weird itching sensation in night. The itching was so irritating that I almost scratched my body. Next morning while taking shower I saw weird red spots on my back and around waist line. Within few minutes I recognized that those red spots are actually bed bug bites. After long brooding I remembered that recently I went to my friend’s wedding. During the wedding I stayed in one of the local hotels, and so along with the wedding gift I got few bed bugs into my house. This was the first time I had real encounter with bed bugs. I was so horrified because of the stories that I have heard about them that I spend whole night sleeping on my couch.
On the very next morning I Googled Bed Bugs and found some facts about them.

· Bed bugs feed mostly on human blood
· Bed bugs can lay 10 eggs per day
· Bed bugs can live a year or more without a blood meal
· Bed bugs are very difficult to treat, and effective treatment requires a pest control professional
I searched my mattress thoroughly but wasn’t able to find anything. I kept it outside in sun, vacuum cleaned it but still in night I got more bed bites. In just one week time my whole body was covered with red bites more than the love bites that I have got in my whole life.
I decided to call the Pest Control guys to clear up my whole house. It took whole day for them to clear my house.  Since then I had much relief although those marks are still there but still now I can sleep properly.
But very soon I was supposed to go out on a business trip to Ohio and was supposed to stay at many hotels. I was so terrified even by the thought of staying at hotels. 

After lot of Internet Surfing I found a solution to this bed bug problem. is a site that offers amazing bed bug products to avoid bed bugs infestation. I bought a anti bed bug luggage liners to keep my luggage bed bug free.  I even got Mattress Encasement in order to avoid  any further Bed bug infestation in future.

This site has some amazing articles on how to avoid bed bugs. They even have a database of Pest Control service Phone Numbers so that you can easily find the pest control service near your area. So if your house is infested with bed bugs or if you want to avoid them this site could be of great help.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Check all the points to hire best Car Rental Company

Many Car Rentals have come up in recent years, but which one is worth going for depend on some check points.

Here is a list of few points that can help you hire best Car Rental Company:

Insurance- Whether you are travelling with your own vehicle or by rental car insurance is the must. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere it could be your small mistake or some other person’s whatever is the reason, accidents can be fatal. So for you and so that you could have some peace of mind, make sure that the car rental service you're dealing with offers you a complete range of insurance packages that you might want to avail of.
Roadside Support- If you don’t want to be stuck in middle of road with a broken car so make sure that the car rental company provides roadside support so in case if your rented vehicle breaks down the company will send you another vehicle to carry on your travel without any hassle.
Drop-Off Time- Make sure what is your drop-off time in order to avoid extra charge.  So be sure what the time is because I don’t think so you would like to pay whole day charge for just delaying by one hour.
Reviews- Check the reviews about the company on internet before renting a car. Most of the people share their experiences on may travel forums and review websites. So if you are renting a car for first time so why not check some forums for little help in selecting the best car rental company.
Discounts and Cash Back- There are many companies that offer discounts and deals on rentals which can save you much fund. Check online for Promo Codes in order to avail some discounts after that try booking from some Cash Back website so that you can save more on your Rental Charges.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Decoration at Reasonable Price

Still Confused about the Wedding decoration? I know it's very frustrating you want everything to be perfect and at its best, but it takes a lot of hard work to put up a nice Wedding. I love Weddings not just because it is the best occasion in any girl's life but also because of the beautiful decoration, flowers, fountains, desserts, dance, ..... I mean everything. Everyone wants there best day to be best not for them but also for their guests and family.
For some people wedding is just a small ceremony but it takes lot of work to put up all the food, decorations, furniture under one marquee. I remember my sisters wedding last year, it took me complete forty five days to organize everything. She wanted a chocolate theme wedding, so everything from desserts, to  flowers to marquee, everything was in chocolate shade. Being a software Girl I must say I have some good research skills also. Everyday I searched one item online and I must say there are some pretty good online stores with best products and best delivery at much reasonable price.
Like ordering some personalized decoration would be nice to give a complete Wedding look. Its your day so why not make it completely special for you.
While surfing Internet I found one store The Knot Wedding Shop where you can order personalized items. I found some awesome designs to personalize the table decorations like Napkins, Coasters and Table Number Cards and much more. It is a one stop shop to find every small item that you would need in Wedding. 

So if you are planning a Wedding visit The knot Wedding Shop and may be you'll be able to find some items.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now get your Favorite Gadget at much Affordable Price

Are you Gadget Freak and like to collect latest gadgets but not have enough money to go for top brands then why don't buy your favorite Electronic Item at much reasonable price. is an online e-commerce company offering over 20,000 consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPod & iPhone accessories, flashlight and communications products in stock at unbeatable prices. Focal Price has some amazing offers going on.
Get some Nintendo Accessories at much affordable price.

Amazing Women Watches at Affordable Price

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My lovely Jeep Days

Autos are my first love and I love everything related to autos. I love Cars, bikes, trucks any moving machine with great power and that is the reason Sedan has always been out of my list. I like SUV's, and Jeeps. I like safari jeeps with huge headlights, nice leather sitting and nice sound system. Driving a jeep on rough road with nice music gives you the feeling of adventure. My home town is at a hill station and most of the time it is under clouds and fog. Driving a nice SUV (not jeep this time as I don't want you to freeze) at rough road in dipper and fog light with visibility very low is my way of driving. Sounds dangerous but I like it this way it gives me the feeling of driving into other world.
I bought my first safari jeep from my first job two years back. It was second hand but I modified it a little bit according to some cool jeeps I saw in movies.:-)
I got cool Headlights at 4 Wheel Parts at much affordable price. My big brother recommended me this store and I must say it is the best store I have ever seen. There were many options to select and it seriously took five days for me to decide as I dint wanted huge lights that restrict the flow of air to radiator but also not so small. Few days back my dad also changed the lights of his SUV and I must say at much awesome deal.
He used coupon CC5OFF to avail 5% off along with that he grabbed 3.5% Cashback. Pretty Cool deal...

My first ride was to my home town for Easter. It was awesome, specially the part that my father loved my new modified Jeep. Although my mother was mumbling but it was fine. Driving a jeep doesn't mean I'm becoming gay or a tom boy. I'm a normal girl who loves jeeps.
Every Weekend my friends and I use to go to near by night club or for a long screaming ride with tons of beer loaded. God I miss those days.
Now my Jeep is most of the time under garage as I don't have much time for long drives but still it is my first love and it will be forever.

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