Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Points why I shifted from Glasses to Contact Lenses

Since my school time I wear glasses as my eye sight is weak.  I always felt with my glasses and never felt that I must shift from glasses to contact lenses. But few days back my brother got married and I don’t want to look geek wearing glasses with a nice gown. First I planned to attend the ceremony without glasses but soon realized that I’m almost blind without glasses. So I thought of wearing contact lenses but was a bit nervous as my skin is very allergic.
Since my school time I never planned to shift to contact lenses just for two reasons first they are much expensive and second their cleaning is much difficult then my glasses which just needs to be wiped by any clean cloth. But this time I have no choice but to pick a nice pack of lenses and give them a try. At the beginning I wasn’t much comfortable but at the end of the day my eyes were completely adapted to lenses.
But now I’m using them from the past three months and find them very convenient, no cleaning for whole day, no breaking and I even look better with my glasses off. I even wear colored lenses for parties. On a serious note I liked lenses for full-range sight, I don’t have to move my head to see a full view.
Here are my super ten points about why one should wear Contact lenses?
1.      In summer I love wearing Sun Glasses but with my contact lenses on I don’t have to compromise with my sight.
2.      On rainy days glasses has to be removed as it is difficult to see with fog settling on your glasses.
3.      While having coffee or any other hot beverage glasses have to be removed in order to avoid vapor settling on your glasses
4.      Eyeglasses can’t be worn while running, jogging, exercising and so again vision is compromised.
5.       As there is a difference of 1-2 centimeters between eye and glasses vision is not natural
6.      I can’t wear glasses on parties with nice cocktail dress
7.      The area of sight increases with lenses and so now I have full range sight.
8.      My eye makeup is no more covered behind glasses and so now my eyes look better.
9.      With my Glasses Off I look younger and now many smart guys have started noticing me. :-)
10.  I love games and so now I can enjoy them without any interruption, Thanks to my lenses (maybe) our team won basketball game in Office Sports Tournament.

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