Friday, June 3, 2011

Forest Facts- Be little informative on this Environment day

On Sunday whole world will be celebrating Environment Day. On Sunday all the streets will be full of people shouting slogans about Environment Day.

This year Environment day is celebrated in order to bring some awareness about forests. So today I’m posting some facts about Forests.
One fourth of Washington's forests are preserved in Wildernesses and National Parks and never will be harvested.
On average, North Americans use wood and paper products equivalent to one 100-foot tall tree each year.
In 60 years of growing, an average tree accumulates 5,250 pounds of organic material through the miraculous use of sun, soil, water and air.
A tree exhales 6,000 pounds of oxygen in its life, or about 120 pounds per year, assuming a 50-year life.
Each person needs one pound of oxygen to breathe per day, 365 pounds per year.
Each person uses the amount of oxygen given off by three trees.
One second-growth Douglas fir takes up about 60 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
Burning one gallon of gasoline produces 19 pounds of carbon dioxide.
About 1% of forests (an area roughly the size of New Zealand) are consumed by fire each year
Globally, 3% of forest area is reported to be affected by insects and diseases.
Today, forests occupy approximately one-third of Earth's land area.

Here are the facts and fiction by which we can save our Forests
We can decrease the wastage of paper
Every used paper should be reused
Try to use public transport instead of  using own private vehicle.
Plant one tree at least per year.

I think every one knows these facts so what are your plans to save Mother Earth.On this Environment Day I'm gonna plant one tree in my backyard and will roam whole city wearing Environment Day T shirt.

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