Monday, November 14, 2011

Shopping Clubs- Smart way to Prada and Gucci

Many among you might have heard about Shopping Clubs if not then don’t worry as today I’m going to introduce a reputed Shopping Club to you.  Beyond the Rack is a shopping Club where you can buy Designer clothing at much affordable price. The discounts at beyond the rack are very high and often reaches up to 90% Off.  Most of the sites are free of cost and some charge for becoming a member. All the major Shopping Clubs are member only clubs where the website send the mail to their members informing them about the upcoming discounts and deals. Most of the deals last for few days and some even last for few hours. Members are informed before the deals are put up on the site so that they don’t miss any deal and have enough time to shop.  These sites have very limited stocks and so very soon most of the items sold out. Beyond the Rack is free to join and deals in major brands like Prada, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci and many more.
If you are planning to explore this site the here is some cool money saving advice.
Use Coupon: PENNYFUL10 and get $10 credited to your shopping credit. Shop through Pennyful and save 2.75% of your Purchase order credited to your Pennyful account (another saving). Share your shopping experience with your friends and let them connect to this fantastic site with your referral and receive $10 to your shopping credit.

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