Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Plan Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween is just few days away and so everyone has got busy planning this year’s Halloween Party.  Halloween Parties are awesome place to show your weirdest creation, you can dress up as filthy as much you want and still can be the show stopper of the party.   I love Halloween because this is the day when I can wear any rubbish outfit and can roam whole city without any one pointing at me.  But from last two years my Halloween Party has become little more descent as now we have now new little additions to our family. Most of my Cousins are mommy now and so Halloween Party has to be planned keeping them in mind. But whatsoever I love this new descent version Halloween as I love to enjoy Halloween with little Nephews and Nieces.
If you are also expecting kids on your Halloween party so here are few tips that can help you plan a nice party without frightening kids.  If you are worried about the decorations then here are few tips.
  1. Please be sure that you keep that body parts one decoration out of the picture. No Blood on walls, floor or any other place.
  2. Kids love stories, so narrate a story with some good light and sound effects.
  3. No body part Candies and cakes, instead get some cool funky cupcakes like pumpkin cup cake, doughnuts tied up with strings.
  4. Get some black colored balloons.
  5. Attach Spider Web on the way, kids mostly love running through the web.
  6. Stick sticky bugs and flies on the walls so that children play with them.
  7. Get water colors and lot of pumpkins and let kids paint faces on pumpkins.
  8. Get some Harry Potter Masks so that kids can be their favorite wizards and witches.
Here is a game which you can play with your kids:
Object of Game: To toss a ring around a pumpkin.
  1. Carve out a one to three pumpkins.
  2. Buy or make three or four rings about twice as big around as the pumpkins.
  3. If you don't know what to use, try an extra piece of leftover electrical cable and tape together with duct tape. (Scouts use this as a "Reduce, re-use and re-cycle" project)
Playing the Game:
  1. Measure back several feet, depending on age group.
  2. Give the rings to the player.
  3. A piece of candy (or two) is awarded for ringing the pumpkin.
  4. You can award one piece of candy for a partial ring and two if the ring is completely around.
Here are few Halloween Costume Ideas for Children:
For 3 month to one year old Baby:
I always love Infants dressed up as something cute and funny, I would never suggest anyone to dress their infants in some horrifying costume. In my last few posts I shared a dress which I bought for my friends baby, it is a lady bug costume, costumes like butterfly, lion, monkey, superman, batman or cute little bunny.
For one year old to two year old Baby:
By this time the baby can walk properly so now probably choose the dresses which would require baby to carry some item, like fairy wand, little Harry potter, superman or a batman.
For three year old to five year old Baby:
Are you sure that you have to decide the costume I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to worry as your baby has already planned his costume.
Many stores have started putting
There are many stores which offer funky infants and baby costumes, if you are still confused just have a look at their online stores as every year stores releases some new costumes and may be you’ll find some awesome costume for your baby. Here are few costume stores where you can look for baby costumes.
All these costumes have reasonable price and has some good Halloween costumes, you can even shop Accessories like hats, beards, etc from these stores. If you find some costume costly then I would suggest you to shop through Pennyful as Pennyful pay highest cash back for these stores. You can save 5. 75% on Halloweencostumes and AnytimeCostumes and 7.0% on Halloween Mart.
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