Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So last time when did you surprised your Spouse?

Do you remember last time when you surprised your spouse? On Valentines, Anniversary or may be Birthday might be your answer, but is that surprise I don't think so.
Surprise is when you come home early from work and prepare his favorite dish for dinner.
When you place a red rose near her pillow before going for walk.
Stick a stick-on at fridge door that says I love You.
Send him flowers that will be delivered on his office with a note that says I know baby you might be stressed but here are few nice flowers to cheer you up.
You hide her favorite ear ring and place new ones in the same box.
 There are thousand ways to surprise your spouse it depends from couple to couple. The best surprise for your partner can be planned by you only because you are the only one who knows him most and so you know very well know what can make him most happy.
These little surprises are like adding icing to your relationship. As cake looks incomplete without nice icing same way a relationship without any surprises misses the spark in the relationship.

Here are few bouquet that can help you..

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