Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to School Sale is HOT this Season

Back to School time is here and so start preparing your kids for school. Some of the kids love school and might be very excited to go to new grade but some might be nervous and little scared too. As parents we must understand their feelings and prepare them mentally and physically for school. If you believe your child is little scared or if it is first time to school then try to bring some excitement. Get some good school accessories so that kids would become excited to use them.
I remember every year my mom use to take us for back to school shopping and we use to shop some really cool stuff like backpacks to bottles to clothes. After getting all those stuff I use to start counting days left for my school, my excitement use to get doubled with every new accessory I got. Same way you can make your child happy and excited.
Every year stores put up discounts on School accessories at back to school time. Here are some of the stores from where you can get some cool stuff for your kid.
Overstock has put up huge discounts on backpacks. The discount percentage ranges from 8% to 70%

Zazzle is famous for its awesome Tshirts and this time also they have created some cool stuff for Back to School. I'm sure your child would love to wear back to school T shirt on its first day to school so why not let him design his own back to school t shirt.

Personal Creations has some different but awesome stuff for children this time. You can get personalized bags, bottles, pencil case, etc for your kid.

If you would like to save while shopping for back to school then you can shop through Pennyful and can earn cash back at all the above stores.
Pennyful pays 4.0% Cash Back for Overstock
Pennyful pays 2.75% Cash Back for Zazzle
Pennyful pays 5.75% Cashback for Personal Creations

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