Thursday, September 15, 2011

My friend became Mommy, Time for Baby Shower Shopping

Yesterday was a wonderful day as I got great news that my friend has delivered a baby girl. The delivery was premature as some fluid started flowing in her body, something in doctor’s language that I dint understood. After a long surgery doctor informed whole family that baby and mother both are fine and doing very good. After listening to this news I was so elated that I threw a small party for myself, I cooked lovely dinner, pour some wine for myself and had a nice chat with my college buddy’s on Skype. We all were so happy that we started planning gifts for baby shower. But we were so much confused as most of us work in IT firms so dint have much time to roam whole city and select best gifts for our little angel.
So we thought of shopping it online from some websites. After a long search we were able to find few stores with good reviews and stuff. From the very first day we came to know that our friend is pregnant we started planning her room color, bed, dress color and many other things and now when we know that baby is a girl color will be creamy vanilla, butterscotch and pink. So now is the time to put those palnnings into action. Here is a list of stores from where I did shopping along with the products purchased.

First Store is
The site is offering some Clearance Sale where soft toys and hanging toys are for $1.99. So it is good place to buy some good baby toys at much reasonable price.

Second Store is
The site has many products but the main product which I liked was Twilight Turtle. It is a night light that projects the constellations onto walls and ceilings. It is very smart light and goes sleep with your baby and reactivates with a small push and thus the child is never alone and if the baby wakes up in night he can enjoy the light effects and fall asleep. This Twilight Turtle light is for $28.79 though the real price is $39.99 but because of 28% discount I got it for $28.79

Third Store is
My friends have already bought diapers and diaper bag for the baby so I was looking for some other important thing that my friend would need. While browsing I came across a very nice offer at on Disposable Pads. I got pack of three disposable pads for just $17.17
Peewees Disposable Multi-Use Pads - 36 Pack
Sassy Disposable Changing Pads - 24 Count Pack
Huggies Disposable Changing Pads - 8 count

While shopping all this stuff I searched them on my favorite rebate store-Pennyful and found good rebates 5.75% Rebate so I saved more on my toys shopping and so this store is now my favorite store. 2.75% Rebate, I already saved 28% with discount and now again 2.75% saving. 1.0% Rebate, I saved not much at but I know very soon my check out bill will be very high and then my saving would be even more.
This is just some part of shopping and many more stores have to be explored this month as I want my Baby angel to have best toys and gifts on her shower.

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