Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clothes at Fashion Houses are now Cheaper

Fashion is not just about wearing trendy clothes and footwear but wearing the clothes that matches your personality wearing the shirt that makes you look perfect for the meeting or wearing the skirt that gives you gorgeous look for the party. Fashion is to make you feel the most trendy and gorgeous in the way you are. Every person has different personality and same way different clothes suit different person the animal print jacket that your friend wear is going to suit you the same way is not possible because you are two different personalities. Most of the fashion houses know this concept very well and so design clothes keeping in mind this.
Doesn't matter what kind of looks you have or what is your appearance a good designer has a perfect dress for you. This is the only reason that big fashion houses are so famous. At the time one steps into Gucci or Van Heusen one starts feeling different and little more confident about their looks, but if you are like me who can't afford getting all the dresses from designer houses than you should have a look at Billion Dollar Babes. It is a fashion house where you can get designer clothing at 85% less price.

There are two ways to shop at Billion Dollar Babes (BDB):
Online Shopping: Where the BDB currently holds six or more sales per week, each lasting only two days. They email the members about the new sale starts.
Offline Shopping: Where you can experience "real world" shopping events. BDB regularly organize multi-designer sales in major cities worldwide, complete with flowing cocktails, beauty bars and swag.
So you can select any of the two ways to shop the best designer clothes. For your first pleasant visit to Billion Dollar Babes here is a coupon that can help you save more.
 Coupon code PENNYFUL10
 Description- $10 off all orders $100+ now through the end of July.
 Expire- 31 July 2011
This coupon is presented by Pennyful so that you can shop your money's worth. Pennyful also pays 4.5% Cash Back on every purchase at Billion Dollar Babes.

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