Monday, May 2, 2011

Help me in Selecting Perfect gift for my Mom

Mother's day is here I just love Summer time it's full of celebrations I was just missing Easter days but now I have Mother's day. On this day every year I visit my parents. Every time I go to my parents place it feels to me as if I'm still there little baby. I love the way they take interest in my things, still now my mom has so many photographs  hanging on her bed room that make me realize how much they love me. Every year a new photograph is added to her best album and same way one more beautiful memory.
 Last year she gifted me gold ring on Mother's day, I don't know why she hesitate in taking gift from me, always she just want to give something or the other thing to me but never expect anything from me.
This time I'm planning to gift her a watch.
She loves gold plated chain watches so I'm planning to buy same for her, but still confused whether this is a good gift on Mother's day or not.
So if you have decided let me know and help me in selecting perfect gift for my sweet mummy.

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