Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My lovely Jeep Days

Autos are my first love and I love everything related to autos. I love Cars, bikes, trucks any moving machine with great power and that is the reason Sedan has always been out of my list. I like SUV's, and Jeeps. I like safari jeeps with huge headlights, nice leather sitting and nice sound system. Driving a jeep on rough road with nice music gives you the feeling of adventure. My home town is at a hill station and most of the time it is under clouds and fog. Driving a nice SUV (not jeep this time as I don't want you to freeze) at rough road in dipper and fog light with visibility very low is my way of driving. Sounds dangerous but I like it this way it gives me the feeling of driving into other world.
I bought my first safari jeep from my first job two years back. It was second hand but I modified it a little bit according to some cool jeeps I saw in movies.:-)
I got cool Headlights at 4 Wheel Parts at much affordable price. My big brother recommended me this store and I must say it is the best store I have ever seen. There were many options to select and it seriously took five days for me to decide as I dint wanted huge lights that restrict the flow of air to radiator but also not so small. Few days back my dad also changed the lights of his SUV and I must say at much awesome deal.
He used coupon CC5OFF to avail 5% off along with that he grabbed 3.5% Cashback. Pretty Cool deal...

My first ride was to my home town for Easter. It was awesome, specially the part that my father loved my new modified Jeep. Although my mother was mumbling but it was fine. Driving a jeep doesn't mean I'm becoming gay or a tom boy. I'm a normal girl who loves jeeps.
Every Weekend my friends and I use to go to near by night club or for a long screaming ride with tons of beer loaded. God I miss those days.
Now my Jeep is most of the time under garage as I don't have much time for long drives but still it is my first love and it will be forever.

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