Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to prevent Bed Bugs getting into your Luggage and Mattresses?

Few days back I got a weird itching sensation in night. The itching was so irritating that I almost scratched my body. Next morning while taking shower I saw weird red spots on my back and around waist line. Within few minutes I recognized that those red spots are actually bed bug bites. After long brooding I remembered that recently I went to my friend’s wedding. During the wedding I stayed in one of the local hotels, and so along with the wedding gift I got few bed bugs into my house. This was the first time I had real encounter with bed bugs. I was so horrified because of the stories that I have heard about them that I spend whole night sleeping on my couch.
On the very next morning I Googled Bed Bugs and found some facts about them.

· Bed bugs feed mostly on human blood
· Bed bugs can lay 10 eggs per day
· Bed bugs can live a year or more without a blood meal
· Bed bugs are very difficult to treat, and effective treatment requires a pest control professional
I searched my mattress thoroughly but wasn’t able to find anything. I kept it outside in sun, vacuum cleaned it but still in night I got more bed bites. In just one week time my whole body was covered with red bites more than the love bites that I have got in my whole life.
I decided to call the Pest Control guys to clear up my whole house. It took whole day for them to clear my house.  Since then I had much relief although those marks are still there but still now I can sleep properly.
But very soon I was supposed to go out on a business trip to Ohio and was supposed to stay at many hotels. I was so terrified even by the thought of staying at hotels. 

After lot of Internet Surfing I found a solution to this bed bug problem. is a site that offers amazing bed bug products to avoid bed bugs infestation. I bought a anti bed bug luggage liners to keep my luggage bed bug free.  I even got Mattress Encasement in order to avoid  any further Bed bug infestation in future.

This site has some amazing articles on how to avoid bed bugs. They even have a database of Pest Control service Phone Numbers so that you can easily find the pest control service near your area. So if your house is infested with bed bugs or if you want to avoid them this site could be of great help.

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