Friday, August 5, 2011

Scanning Memories is easy when they come Chep

Scan Digital is a website that helps you scan and digitize your pictures so that they last longer. Even old pictures of your Granny's can be digitized to add new life to the pictures. They even help in erecting the pictures like removing red eye, color correction and many more.
So now get your memories preserved for longer time so that you can share your memories and moments with your grand children.
So here is a coupon for Scan Digital:

Coupon Code: PENNYFUL10
Description: 15% Off Site Wide In August( After August 10% Off Site Wide till December 2011)
This exclusive coupon is presented by Pennyful so that you can shop your money's worth. This coupon can only be redeemed at Pennyful. Pennyful also provide 10.0% Cash Back for Scan Digital.
Note : If you are not the customer of Pennyful then not to worry because you can directly log in with the Google, facebook, twitter or any other id.

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