Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Wine is the most delighted and loved beverage among all other. Wine bottles are there for every celebration whether it is wedding, Easter, or even birthday party. What makes it so delighted is not just its beauty but it is the taste. Wine taste better when served chilled but that to much chilled like bear. Temperature effects the taste a lot. Temperature variations vary from wine to wine.Humidity is the second major reason that effects the taste. Wine can not be stored is Refrigerators the temperature is too cold for most wine, but more importantly, the temperature fluctuates every time it's opened.So the better way to keep the taste intact is by using Wine Cooler.
Wine Coolers are designed in such a way that they maintain correct humidity level and temperature.
Here is a awesome deal for Wine coolers:

New Air AW-120E 12 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with LED Display
Small Enough to Fit on a Counter top and Features Digital Temperature Control with Interior LED Light

This Wine Cooler is priced at $149.95 but you can get 15% off  bu using the coupon provided below.

Coupon Code: PENNYWINE
Coupon will expire on: 5/1/2011

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