Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HURRY! Coupon for Tower Fan expires in five days

So you can’t afford Air Condition in every room and so spend most of the time in your bedroom to stay cool. Well I have a solution to this problem Tower Cooling Fan is the answer for all those people who can’t afford air-condition in every room. The best thing about these Tower fans is that they can be moved very easily. So if you are planning to watch late night movie or if you are working in kitchen then just drag this tower fan to the corner of the room or kitchen and enjoy your movie and cooking.
Among all the best one is that can work as Air Cooler as well as humidifier. One such Air Cooler is New Air AF-310 Evaporative Tower Cooling Fan with 60-Degree Oscillation. This Air Cooler circulates air, humidifies air and even purifies the air. It purifies the indoor air with negative ions and eliminates all dust particles, pet dander and pollens. 

It has very streamlined design and so takes very little space and can be fit to the corner of the room and so you don’t have to worry about the Room décor. It comes with LCD Display and  fully functional remote so that you can control from the place you are sitting.

 Here is a coupon to help you save few dollars.
Coupon Code: PENNYFAN
Description: $11 off the NewAir AF-310 Tower Fan & Evaporative Cooler
Expiry Date: 7/17/2011

This coupon is presented by Pennyful so that you can shop your money's worth. Pennyful also help you save more by paying you 2.75% Cash Back on every purchase at Air-N-Water.

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