Monday, July 11, 2011

Airline Promo Codes from

 Planning for a holiday or just a business trip, tickets are still concerned. Airline fares are never fixed and always keep on changing. If your Business always demands you to fly much then the Air Tickets are much of concern to you.  You don’t want to spend much part of your profit to Airlines. There are many ways by which one can save much on Bookings. One such worthy trick is Airline Promo Codes, it takes nothing to subscribe to Airline Email Alerts and Email Alerts from Touring and Transport Agencies.   Many Travel Agencies like to share their commission with their customers in form of Airline Promo Codes.
One such Agency is One, other than Airline Booking it also provides booking for hotels, cruises and car rentals. Here are some of the Airline Promo Codes offered by One
Special Discount on Airtran Airways! Save $15
Coupon Code: AIRTRAN15
Airfares Just Dropped on US Airways! Save Extra $15
Coupon Code: USAIR15
Looking For More Discounts on British Airways Flight Bookings? Get Additional $15 Off
Coupon Code: BA15
Save an Extra $15 on Frontier Airlines Flight Bookings
Coupon Code: FRONTIER15
These Coupon Codes are presented exclusively by One
For more such Coupon Codes and Airline discounts visit Pennyful. Pennyful can help you save up to $14.50.
Other than Flight Deals One Travel also offer great discounts on hotel and cruises bookings. Some times there discounts are very much high and can save up to 66% on Bookings.

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