Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Go trendy this Spring with Bold Colors

There is something innately wonderful spring. There are so many colors all around, it is impossible not to feel joy. Beautiful flowers that are colorful birds break into song, butterflies, flower stems, children running around partying ... Spring is truly a happy season. Even the tedious job of cleaning your whole house is the experience of an exciting spring cleaning. And with the spring cleaning is the change we all expect. Stash the old and usher in the new clothing, accessories and a new you.
Each year, predict fashion trends of spring and autumn, to come up with highlights of color and accessories. Let us know what colors work for the spring of 2011.
After a long winter, dull and cold, spring promises a color chart. Bold, fluorescent colors will soon be the trend as expected on the slopes. Orange, green, neon yellow, were some of the colors as Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein and other celebrities have often used in clothing. Nu and white laces are other colors to try to project a feeling of freshness. Another style that’s up for eye catching spring trend is the retro style. High-waisted flare jeans of the ‘70s are expected to come back once again with a big splash. Motorcycle jackets with zipped sleeves, leather pants and skirts all promise to be the rage.
So just play with colors not only with clothes but also for accessories. Add bold colors to your wardrobe to go trendy this spring.

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